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How to utilize this proven action plan to leverage on the algorithm and generate consistent leads EVEN IF half of the marketers on Facebook are already eliminated

Why “iOS 14 Unfair Advantage” is all you need to crush it online… (and why you’re probably losing money if you haven’t adopted this yet)!

The critical questions you need to ask yourself to prepare against the overnight changes of the algorithm (you can model this to keep yourself part of the safe 50%)

This one ‘hack’ we use to reduce cost per leads by 4x and how you can replicate it (without needing to be a coder or a funnel builder)

What to do BEFORE you even run ads to gain the favor of the algorithm and have your creatives all approved in one-go

3 powerful Facebook tweaks (at each step of your conversion) that can change EVERYTHING for your ad campaigns and whole business

One SHOCKINGLY SIMPLE hack that we did in our funnel that reduced our ad cost by 43%

How to get more people to engage with your ad and eventually be converted into YOUR audience… without spending time coming up with a TON of creatives

The little ‘tweaks’ that affect BIG outcomes in your ad campaigns… these are the gold nuggets that can make a difference of 3%… 5%… 10% or more, creating a huge ripple effect of change over time!

5 “real life” examples of what you can do now on Facebook ad manager to get more leads and sales coming in…

Why finding a whole new audience is costing you too much money and leaving this one specific thing out increases conversions and ironically SERVES your customers better!

The missing piece we added to our ad creatives that increased our conversion by almost 10% (that nobody else is talking about…)

The #1 Reason why people are opting out and why NOT having this in your ad settings is costing you big time in sales…

The borderline illogical way to focus and target the RIGHT audience on Facebook even if the audience pool is currently shrinking

The one thing that lasted the test of time that marketers used to employ but eventually discarded and why it is MORE RELEVANT now than ever before

Quickly boost BOTH your conversions and ad engagements by tweaking this ONE thing on your Facebook ad settings

The psychology behind following up with your audience and why some of the best leads are nurtured with this ONE shockingly simple method…

Why tracking this one forgotten number in your sales process actually improves overall sales (when done the correct way).

The one mindset to have when experimenting with getting traffic from across other platforms (this is advanced!)

Then… how to warm your audiences up ahead of time, so that you can not only gain the algorithm’s favor but profit from it

… And, how I create my offers so that they will add to cart even AFTER the iOS 14 update

How to execute an ad campaign that will bring in a wider range of audience… and create MASSIVE social proof that you can use over and over again!


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4. I’m kinda a show off… I’m not going to lie. I’m sick of people talking about “theories” they have that don’t actually work in the real world. I think 99% of what is said online is complete BS… so I thought it would be a breath of fresh air to publish the TRUTH, show the actual stats, and #’s behind what we do, and well… honestly, I just want you to think I’m cool. 🙂


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